As the 2014 season commences.......

Please find ARU Medical and Safety Recommendations (2014) for Players, Coaches, Administrators & Match Officialsprovides recommended measures to ensure that the game is both safe and enjoyable to play.

These recommendations include Injury Management (both Medical Requirements for Player Care, and Management of Serious Injury) and Safety Requirements in the interest of player safety.


  • ·         HEAD INJURIES, CONCUSSION AND STRUCTURAL BRAIN INJURIES – Inclusion of structural brain injuries are potentially life threatening and may present with very similar signs & symptoms to a concussion.
  • ·         ARU CONCUSSION GUIDELINES –  Updated from revised ARU Concussion Guidelines, and including addition of Concussion Management 6 R’s. Further documentation to follow re changes.
    • ·         SCRUM ENGAGEMENT SEQUENCE (For Games of all Levels) – The Law requires that referees will call the scrum engagement in the sequence CROUCH, BIND and then, when both front rows are ready, SET.

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